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We tried today for lunch wine Teran from region Karst in west Slovenia. Teran or Terrano (Slovenian and Croatian name) is a Sloveninan dark-skinned grape varietes wine produced from this grapeacquires the distinctive flavour and bouquet only when it is grown in the specific terra rossa (“Red Earth”) soil typical of a very restricted area of Kras plateau: within Slovenia and Italy, but is also widely grown on similar red soil in Western Istria. In all other cases, Teran is simply a misnomer for refosco wine. It is a rich, slightly sour, full-bodied red wine with a high latic acid content. It is very palatable, and highly prized by connoisseurs of fine wines. It is also very rich in iron, and in the past it was prescribed as a therapy for anemia.

Our bottle is one of 1500. It’s made by Fabjan&Mohorcic from Ponikve, Slovenija. Year:2010. Alc: 11,5%. Cheers.