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Today’s patrtner for lounch was Renski rizling from Majcenovic, Kremberk, Slovenija. Year: 2009. Renski riesling, known also as the only Riesling. The beautiful and elegant wine. The smell is feeling extremely fruitiness, dominated by the scent of ripe peaches. When the wine has for some time it matures in bottle, comes to the surface also expressed note of dried apricots. Is a prime eccentric of Riesling. We were pleasantly surprised by its tenderness, freshness and beauty of line. Also detected positive for tasting fruity notes of apricots and peaches. Impressed us with exceptional harmony, freshness and a rich finish in your mouth.

I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.

~ W.C. Fields

The combination of food and Rhine Riesling can be a real adventure. Because of its balance of style and allows us the unique pleasures of meat and selected vegetables,desserts, fruits, and not least the chocolate. Semisweet wine. Alc: 12,78%. Cheers.